Thanks to the long exposure photography, he introduced himself to the discipline known as light painting, allowing him to integrate previously acquired knowledge about scenography, lighting and other photographic disciplines in the creation of the dream worlds of some of his works.

He has experience in portrait photography, urban, fashion, travel, documentary, music (concerts, creation of covers, scripts and signage), long exposure and light painting, both in large format (public performances, private or for commercial uses), as in photocalls / photobooth for companies, weddings, discos or social events.


Our clients can contract partial or complete productions in services of:

.- Photography and postproduction.

.- Immersive architecture and commercial photography.

.- Photocalls / photobooth light painting.

.- Light painting large format exhibitions and performances.

.- Photo retouching.

.- Graphic design.

.- Professional sessions (actors, artists, models, musicians ...).

.- Signage, album art and discs.

.- Music, promotional and advertising video.

.- Photography for book covers.

Complete production teams (art direction, stylists, make-up artists, etc ...), we move wherever our client needs. Budgets tailored to our customers.


You can inform yourself without commitment: